Therapeutic Massage
Massage is often thought of as holistic therapy.  It
decreases pain, improves range of motion, improves
mood, aids in the circulation of blood and lymph
flow, reduces muscle and joint soreness and
improves sleep.  All of our massages combine
Swedish and Therapeutic massage (adjusting to
your preferred level of deepness).  
We use aromatherapy, heat and all natural
products, creating a peaceful and healing
environment. You will leave your massage session
feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and renewed!

30 minutes :  $35
60 minutes: $65
90 minutes: $90
120 minutes: $110
Massage Services
The inhaled aroma from these
"essential" oils is widely
believed to stimulate brain
function. Essential oils can
also be absorbed through the
skin, where they travel
through the bloodstream and
can promote whole-body
Couples Massage
Pamper your loved one with a couples massage!  
You can both unwind and relax with your choice
of massage therapy in our room made for two.

30 minutes :  $70
60 minutes:  $120
90 minutes:  $180
What is
Aromatherapy is the practice
of using the natural oils
extracted from flowers, bark,
stems, leaves, roots or other
parts of a plant to enhance
psychological and physical
PreNatal Massage
Lying face down on a specialized table,
this massage is a must have when counting down
the months!  
Hot Stone Massage
A variation on classic massage therapy, our
flat, smooth, all natural basalt  stones are
heated then placed on key points on the body.
We also hold the stones and use them to
massage certain areas of the body.  A real treat
for those cold and gloomy Michigan winters!

Bamboo Fusion
Similar to hot stone therapy, our bamboo sticks
combine soothing heat and gentle pressure to
help ease away those aches and pains.  These
can be used for deep tissue techniques, as well
as light, gentler strokes.  The bamboo can be
used directly on the skin with massage oil or
through clothing. The sticks are very smooth
and solid so they retain heat well.  A new
service at Samantha Ryan and a MUST TRY!
Coming soon as a facial massage as well!

Facelift Massage
Our Bellanina Facelift Massage consists of a
thorough, deep cleansing with all-natural products
and warm towels to help soften the skin.
A full thirty minutes is then devoted to massaging
your face with luxurious lotions and essential oils
followed by an invigorating Honeylift massage lotion.
Continued use of the warmed towels will soothe the
tension lines from your face. Then, using whipping,
tapping, acupressure and contouring strokes, as well
as manual lymph drainage, blood and oxygen is
stimulated to nourish, rejuvenate and tone the
muscles and skin of the face. Hot towels,
Aromatherapy and Natural body products make this a
unique and tranquil experience!
75 minutes  $85